Club MACE 2015
MACE's exclusive gaming cruise!

Club MACE 2015 is making plans. We are set to sail June 20th 2015 for a week long cruise.


JustUs Productions, the business organization behind MACE and mini-mace, is a company born of a love of a hobby. It is a business owned by Jeff and Karen Smith. Since 1996, Justus has been involved in running gaming events in the Carolinas, from ROC 96.5 to MACE. In 2000, Ron McClung joined the team to organize the gaming events, adding his talents to help bring MACE and mini-mace to what they are today.

We at Justus Productions pride ourselves in presenting out attendees with the best gaming events the Carolinas have to offer. Our events are about one thing – our attendees having fun.

Featured Events
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I Drank What? Tournament


By Empire Games, at MACE only.  Wine Glass Tournament


In The City: Origins

intothecitylogoDemos All Weekend, MACE and sometimes MACE West. Demo’ed by game designer, Duncan Davis

The king has died! To save the city from usurpers, you must use guile, stealth, and cunning to outwit your enemies. Shifting alliances, unreliable partners, and devious opponents all complicate your path to the throne. Manipulate aristocrats, generals, and ignoble citizenry as you seize the crown and save your city.

Attending Pros
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fabledenvironments-new logo-OBS

Charles White

Owner/Designer, Fabled Environments

Charles White has been involved with gaming ever since a high school friend brought a copy ...
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Duncan Davis

Game Designer, Sherwood Games

Creator and designer of Into The City: Origins
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Mike Welham

2012 RPG Superstar & Freelance Writer

Paizo Publishing 2012 RPG Superstar.
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David Gregg
Designer of Alderac Entertainment Groups' deck building game, Nightfall
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